About Us

Amicidelcactus is a website that celebrates the cactus, one of the most amazing plants in the world. In this website, we want share our knowledge and passion for cactus with fellow enthusiasts. You can find described here hundreds of species of cactus. We want to tell you how they look like, where they come from, how they are grown, and so on. If you are looking for information to grow cactus, you’ve come to the right place. You can find here gardening tips on growing different types of cacti, and finally, we will visit some of the major cactus gardens of the world.

Our Garden Websites

  • The Flowering Garden
  • Our Online Garden
  • Our Bamboo Garden
  • Our Cactus Garden
  • Our Conifer Garden
  • Our Fern Garden
  • Our Fruit Garden
  • Our Mushroom Garden
  • Our Orchid Garden
  • Our Rose Garden
  • Our Spice Garden
  • Our Tree Garden
  • Our Tropical Garden
  • Our Vegetable Garden
  • Pitcher Plants