Thinking about starting up a garden? Gardens can be very pretty. So, what are some flowers that are great for gardens? There are quite a few. You might be new to gardening and wondering what you should plant. Well, here are a few suggestions for what you can place in your garden. You might find more or have different ideas, but here are a few to start with.

There are different types of plants and flowers that are great for gardens. Some do different things. Some give you more shade than others. Others attract birds and butterflies to your garden. Some live all year long and more. Let s look at a few of these.

If you are looking to attract birds you will want certain flowers. There are quite a few out there that attract birds. The reason they are so good for attracting birds is because they have seeds that the birds love to eat. Some of these flowers are: goldenrod, cosmos, and sunflower.

Yet, some of these flowers are great for attracting butterflies. This is because the butterflies love the pollen that these flowers have in them. If you are looking to attract butterflies then you should check out one of these flowers. They include: dandelion, sunflower, golden rod, ice plant, and a whole bunch more.

Yet, there are some plants which are great at growing in the shade. You might be thinking how this is so, but they are just better at growing when they are in the shade. What are some of those? They include: Christmas rose, blue bells, wake robin, and more. This might be what you need.

Other plants for your garden might be useful for healing. One of those plants that you might want to include is aloe. This helps with burns. Mint is another one. This soothes the stomach and bad breath. Yet, something else to include in your garden could be sage which is great for a sore throat and much more. These plants and flowers have been around a long time. They have been used in many different over the counter medicines that you take. The Native Americans used many of these as well and had great success.